two nights

day one

+stay | barcelo pyramids | this upscale hotel is located off the main strip in cairo + situated relatively close to pyramids of giza and great sphinx. the surrounding neighborhood is inviting and becomes alive at night. be safe crossing the street, it’s an adventure!


+experience | sunrise camelback ride at the mythical giza plateau.

+adventure | after complimentary breakfast, spend a full day exploring the pryamids of giza, sphinx, memphis museum and burial grounds of saqqara.


+experience | end the day in perfume shoppe where you can create your own fragrances. although perfume shoppes can be tourist traps, the session is fascinating, provides an engaging cultural experience + look how beautiful the glass bottles are!


day two

+wander | post breakfast begin today's adventure at the egyptian museum followed by saladin citadel, then mohamed alis mosque + shopping at the khan el- khalili bazaar.


+r+r | enjoy shisha poolside. disclaimer: the hotel staff is friendly but be aware of cultural practices in regard to how women dress. 



kimee's experience in cairo was a beautiful dream - learning experience via cultural differences.